Sheet Metal And Cnc Automatic Punching Machines Equipment For Ventilation

Aluminium alloy tuyere automatic welding punching machine is a machine tool for punching and embossing flat sheet-materials to produce form-features needed as mechanical element or to extend static stability of a sheet section.

Product Specification:
  • technology : CNC
  • Machine Type : Punching Machine
  • Power Source : Pneumatic
  • Voltage : 380V/220V
  • Motor Power (kW) : 4.75KW
  • Model Number : CY
  • Weight (T) : 0.5
  • Applicable Industries : Building Material Shops, Manu
Product Details

Product Description
It adopts PLC, servo drive and servo motor control system of Xinjie brand. Can punch hollow,
solid hundred pages, return air card, zero degree pages, zero degree cards, 30 degrees page,
herringbone door page, herringbone door frame. Length, hole distance, card distance, head
and tail hole distance can be arbitrarily set, one machine can punch all types (no need to
change the mold). Simpleton design, easy to operate.

  automatic punching machine manual welding
technical requirements  Apprentice sewing worker Professional sewing worker
radiation injury  Very low Tall
efficiency Artificial 3-4 times vary with each individual
The intensity of labor low tall
Mold changing without frequently
specification and dimension Optional setting Mold to be customized
manufacturing technique One complete More than one match

Cnc Automatic Punching Machines cnc punching machine

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