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Foshan Vairtech Ventilation Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015, but our factory was founded in 2002, has a history of more than 20 years.the company is located in Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong, the "Hometown of Aluminum in China".The traffic here is convenient, close to Guangzhou, has a lot of transportation convenience.

We are committed to developing a variety of new models to meet the needs of the market and high quality. It is specialized in the production of various aluminum alloy air vents, aluminum foil expansion pipes , inspection ports, aluminum foil tapes, purification filters, air duct regulating valves, air duct fire dampers, air duct mufflers and other central air-conditioning supporting products for central air-conditioning applications, as well as some hardware products. (such as aluminum deep processing, air valve accessories, etc.).

Based on the spirit of quality and service supremacy, we have successfully obtained vario us system certificates and more than 20 invention patents. Our annual sales have reached 80 million US dollars, currently exported more than 150 countries.

Our company is a set of product design, development, mold design, production process improvement, quality inspection and management in one of the professional technical team. With modern appearance and rigorous production technology, it leads the international trend and is loved by many engineers, designers and wholesalers.Professional precision equipment and professional technical team plus perfect production management system, to better meet the market demand and customer requirements to lay a solid foundation.

At the same time,in order to achieve global carbon neutrality, we Vairtech products concept advocates environmental protection and energy saving globalization, and contributions to the more comfortable and healthy air that people can breathe in the world.

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