Professional customization ability

Published by Vairtech 2024-01-09

 A customers from Canada Contacted us on Alibaba in Sep. 2022 .

 He want us customize floor vents.


 After the study of our technical engineers, we can make this product, but we need to open the mold. Research and development of new products always has an input   cost. After negotiation with the customer, the customer only needs to pay 25% of the mold fee, we can make a free sample for him.


 We finished the initial sample after two weeks, but there were still some improvements to be made.


 After the second version of the sample came out, it basically met the customer's requirements. We decided to decide some details after the customer received the   sample. Because once the machine mold is opened, it cannot be changed.


 After receiving the sample, the customer gave us feedback on the sample. We made a record and will apply it into the official production order. Because of the mold cost, we   provide free label service to support customer. Finally we corfirm the official order.


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