High Efficiency Pre-Filter And Hepa Filter Ventilation System Fresh Air Ventilator Inline Exhaust Centrifugal Fan

Vairtech focuses on creating high efficiency "mother-infant-level" fresh air Intake exhaust supply centrifugal fan ventilator with hepa filter for the families.

Product Specification:
  • Type : Centrifugal Fan
  • Customized support : OEM, ODM
  • Electric Current Type : AC
  • Blade Material : Plastic
  • Mounting : Ceiling Fan
  • Brand Name : Vairtech
  • Model Number : DPT20-55J
  • Voltage : 220V
  • Duct Dime :
Product Details

Hepa Box Fan Inline Fan

In order to solve the indoor air problem, Xuxing focuses on creating "mother-child
grade" fresh air ventilator for families

  • Formaldehyde is a common interior decoration pollution that can last up to 15 years1.

and is a carcinogenic gas.

  • Dust contains hundreds of atmospheric chemical particles that can induce a variety of2.

respiratory diseases over time.

  • Particles in second-hand smoke can stay suspended indoors for a long time, while harmful3.

substances such as nicotine can affect respiratory health (PM2.5/ allergens/pet hair/pollen/harmful gases)

anti bacterial Inline blower fan

Is your living environment really safe? Studies show that indoor pollution is worse than outdoor pollution.

  • Bathroom - Hydrocarbon emissions from cleaners, etc
  • Walls, tiles - ammonia and other radioactive materials
  • Excessive formaldehyde, VOC and heavy metals in paint
  • Air pollution inflow -PM2.5 and other air pollutants
  • Carpets, sofas, bedding - fungi, mites, pet hair, etc
  • Furniture, planks. Formaldehyde released by adhesives

High Efficiency Fresh Air Ventilator

Size parameters

Model A B C D E F G
DPT 10-35M 578 400 400 126 300 447 Φ98
DPT 15-45 578 400 400 200 300 447 Φ145
DPT 15-45M 578 400 400 200 300 447 Φ145
DPT 20-54M 578 400 400 251 300 447 Φ195
DPT 20-55M 578 400 400 251 300 447 Φ195
DPT 10-35J(with filter) 650 470 400 126 370 447 Φ98
DPT 15-40J(with filter) 650 470 400 201 370 447 Φ145
DPT 15-45J(with filter) 650 470 400 201 370 447 Φ145
DPT 20-55J(with filter) 650 470 400 250 370 447 Φ195


Product parameters

Model Power Specifications Power Air Volume Static Pressure Noise Net weight
DPT 10-35M 220V-50Hz 45/30W 230/180m/h 160Pa 25dB 6.2KG
DPT 15-45 220V-50Hz 60/45W 350/250m3/h 220Pa 30dB 7.6KG
DPT 15-45M 220V-50Hz 75/55W 500/420m/h 260Pa 34dB 7.6KG
DPT 20-54M 220V-50Hz 85/75W 920/700m/h 365Pa 38dB 9.0KG
DPT 20-55M 220V-50Hz 130/115W 1200/1050m/h 410Pa 45dB 9.0KG
DPT 10-35J 220V-50Hz 45/30W 160/120m3/h 192/170Pa 24/21dB 7.4KG
DPT 15-40J 220V-50Hz 60/50W 250/200m3/h 240/220Pa 31/25dB 9.5KG
DPT 15-45J 220V-50Hz 75/55W 350/290m/h 270/250Pa 35/28dB 9.5KG
DPT 20-55J 220V-50Hz 130/115W 650/500m3/h 365/300Pa 42/38dB 10.3KG

inline fan with Hepa carbon filters

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