High Efficiency Scissors Induction L Type Automatic L Bar Pof Film Plastic Wrapping And Sealing Packing Machines

Automatic sealing cutting l bar sealer shrink wrapping machine are designed and built to give you all the performance features needed for positive sealing variety of films including polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC.

Product Specification:
  • Name : Type 750 sealing cutting machine
  • Power supply : 220V/50-60Hz
  • Power : 2KW
  • Packing height : 250mm
  • Sealing line size : Unlimited length,width 750mm
  • Packing speed : 15M/min
  • Air pressure : 0.5Mpa
  • Dimensio :
Product Details

Automatic Packing Machines

Details Description:
1. Operation panel: simple and clear, using brand electronic components, highly durable.
2. Protective cover and alarm device: The sealing and cutting part has a glass protective cover and
self-alarm function, to ensure the safety for operator strictly.
3. Imported alloy cutter: The cutter is made of Teflon coating, anti-stick and heat-resistant alloy knife,
the sealing line is strong, not cracked & coking.
4. High-quality sensor: Level inspection using imported photoelectric detection, can accurately detect
the packaging material.
5. Divide film triangle plate: divide film plate from the middle of the double film through, the two layers
of the double film, etc., can adjust the position of the guide plate according to the size of the product.
6. Height adjustment hand wheel: screw the hand wheel to adjust the opening and the height of the triangle
board, which can adapt to the packaging of products of different heights. The product height limit is 15cm.
7. Emergency stop switch: in case of emergency, press the emergency stop button, the machine can stop
running immediately
8. Waste film recovery device: The recovery device recovers excess waste film

automatic vacuum packing machine

High degree of automation, sealing and cutting shrinkage completed at one time. It can realize
high-speed unmanned automatic operation.

life automatic high productivity packing machine

1. Well-known brand accessories: adopt well-known brand accessories, reliable and high quality
2. Photoelectric control system: photoelectric sensing device, high sensitivity, accurate response
3. Sound and light alarm system: such as improper operation, automatic alarm, safety protection

full automatic shrink wrapping packing machine

automatic pouch packing machine

L-shaped carton thermoplastic shrink wrapping machine


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