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Vairtech Hvac Ventilation Metal Square Face Plaque Panel 4 Way Ceiling Air Cone Diffuser Factory SD-G1&G2&G3

HVAC ventilation decorative ceiling rectangular square plaque cone diffuser suitables for supply air as well as exhaust air, providing a stable pattern of air diffusion.

Product Specification:
  • Material : Metal
  • Color : Matte white
  • Face size : 606x606mm
  • Standard Size : Customized
  • Shape : Square Shaped
  • Installation : Ceilling
Product Details

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  • Details and are available with a wide array of frame styles for easy integration with modular ceiling systems. 
  • The Square Ceiling diffuser features large square and rectangular inlets for reduced inlet velocity, resulting in low sound and pressure drop even at high airflows. 
  • The Square Ceiling diffuser is highly configurable with multiple core styles, airflow patterns, and optional features to tailor this product to specific applications.
  • The Square Ceiling diffuser is well suited to applications that require large volumes of airflow at low sound and pressure drop.
  • Concentrated airflow is discharged from each active side of the diffuser, resulting in longer throws that are ideal for high ceiling applications.

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   Foshan Vairtech Ventilation Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of ventilation products & air conditioning diffusers and accessories with more than 20 years experience. Now Vairtech is one of leading brands in China.Our company is located in the aluminum hometown of China, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong, which enjoys the transportation and raw material convenience.

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   We are engaged in R&D of our products, air diffusers, air grilles, air vents, air dampers, flexible ducts, access panels and so on. Now, our products are well sold to more than 150 countries with praise for the great structures, various styles, nice appearance and high quality.

   To meet the new age of globalization, we accelerate the pace of development to make more new products and provide better service to our customers. "Customer first, Quality first"-we are sincerely welcome you to contact us for business.

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   We started to participate in different exhibitions in 2016, and until now, we still insist on participating in exhibitions.

   On the one hand, to let more people know our brand Vairtech, so that Vairtech has more opportunities to show; On the other hand, face-to-face communication can deepen customers' understanding of Vairtech.At the same time, customers can directly contact our products and have a certain cognition of the quality and service of our HVAC ventilation products.

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    To date, Vairtech has exported many ventilation products to more than 150 countries and received a lot of feedback from our customers. As shown in the following figure, slots diffuser, disk valve and other feedback. In fact, not only products, our salesman's service is also appreciated by customers.
   Of course, if you receive the product you are not satisfied with the place, welcome to contact us,we will try our best to solve for you. Thank you for your trust and support. I hope we can have a good cooperation opportunity to start.

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According to Vairtech products, you can choose different packaging methods:

    1.Inner pvc individual packing.                       2.Outer strong carton packing.                                     

    3.Extra pallet & wooden box for optional.        4.Special packing method is available if needed.         

For specific requirements, please contact the salesman.                    

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Q1: What products do you mainly produce?

A: We are focus on producing hvac ventilation air grilles, ceiling air diffusers, air vent covers, air dampers & accessories, flexible ducts, access panels and so on.


Q2: I have a project, but I don't know which product is suitable, can you recommend for me?

A: You can send the drawings to us, we have professional engineers to answer your questions and recommend suitable products. We have one-stop procurement, please feel free to send your requirements to us.


Q3: Can you change the design of this product?

A: Of course,you need to provide more pictures and information to us as much as possible. We have experienced designers who are specially responsible for it, and can perfectly restore the design you want.


Q4: I like this product very much, but the freight is too high. Is it better to buy it locally?

  • A: If you have a forwarder in China, we can ship the goods to your forwarder.
  • A: If you buy other products from other companies in China, you can share the container with our products.

  • A: It is more cost-effective to buy in bulk. If you are worried about the quality, you can place a sample order first.

  • A: If it is for home use, the quantity is not large, can not afford the freight, it is recommended to buy locally.

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