Hvac System Canvas Glass Fiber Cloth PVC Glass Fiber Flexible Air Duct Connector CC-P&S

Hvac flexible canvas air duct connector allow movement while preventing additional stresses on equipment and duct systems. Minimizes duct noise and vibration. Isolates air handling systems and equipment from ductwork.

Product Specification:
  • Material : iron sheet +PVC flame retardant polyester cloth
  • Color : Gray, red
  • Thickness : 0.4mm,0.5mm,0.6mm
  • Fabric Thickness : 0.4mm ~ 1.5mm
  • High temperature resistance : -20~60°C
Product Details

high temperature flexible duct connector


  • The surface is made of polyurethane layer fiber cloth, which has been tested for high temperature
    resistance for thousands of times.
  • The accessories of this product are tightly combined, with good air tightness and oxidation resistance.
  • This product has good plasticity, can be folded into the desired shape, easy and quick installation.


  • Frame & inner:Sheet iron +PVC flame retardant polyester cloth

Surface Finish:

  •  galvanize and antioxidant treatment

flexible duct connector installationinsulated flexible duct connector

Material thickness:

  • CTX-60 algam:0.5mm cloth: 0.45mm  (pvc grey soft connection)
  • CTX-200 algam:0.5mm cloth: 0.45mm (Fiberglass grey soft connection)
  • CTX-280 algam:0.5mm cloth: 1mm   (Fiberglass grey soft connection)

flexible canvas duct connector

flexible canvas duct connector price

  • Suitable for industrial, commercial and HVAC ventilation systems
  • All air duct devices used for heating, cooling or ventilation are connected to mechanical devices
    containing fans or blowers. Vibration, noise, and squawk caused by the operation of a fan or
    blower are transmitted to metal pipes, which transmit the noise throughout the system.
  • In order to isolate vibration and noise caused by air handling units, fans, or other devices
    connected to the air duct, it is highly recommended that flexible air duct connector connectors
    be installed between the air outlet and the air duct of these devices.


fire rated flexible duct connectorhvac flexible duct connector

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